Burn Pit Exposure Illnesses & Symptoms

“Veterans exposed to burn pit plumes experienced exposure to many highly toxic chemicals that have specific associated health risks that are known and there are also predictable health risks arising from the synergistic impact of simultaneous exposure to multiple toxic chemicals emitting from burning refuse.”

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Spiritual Services

Ministry 4 Warriors

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Healthcare Services

Hyperbaric Treatment


Pulmonary Treatment

Dr. Robert Miller

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Toxic Brain Injury


Legal Services

Contact Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD if you need assistance accessing your VA disability compensation benefits.  CCK is a law firm with a national practice and reputation for handling complex veterans disability compensation cases. CCK is committed to fighting on behalf of veterans and is uniquely equipped to handle difficult cases involving military burn pit exposure.  CCK has extensive resources and a unique, in-depth understanding of VA regulations, statutes, and case law ready to put to use on your behalf. Where appropriate, CCK will locate and retain experts as needed to strengthen your VA disability case. Not every Veterans Law firm takes cases to court, but CCK’s willingness and success in doing so strengthens its ability to represent your interests. Through this approach, CCK’s team of veterans lawyers and claims advocates often achieves successful results for clients.

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