We Will Not Forget - SSG William Joseph Thompson

This Memorial Day weekend, we remember and honor Retired SSG William Joseph Thompson, a dedicated hero and advocate who served 23 years with the U.S. Army and WVARNG. Deploying twice to Iraq, Will faced severe health issues from burn pit exposure, He was admitted to the warrior transition unit at Walter Reed and after 6 months of testing, which included an open lung biopsy, he was informed I had titanium, magnesium, iron and silica in his lungs. ultimately diagnosed with Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis with Pulmonary Fibrosis. On June, 2012, he received a double lung transplant. His body rejected his transplant and On March 9, 2016, he underwent his second double lung transplant.

“It’s hard to hang out with my kids only to tell them 'I can’t do that'.
'Dad, let’s go skiing.'
'I can’t do that'
'Dad, let’s go swimming.'
'I can’t do that.'
'Dad, can you give me a piggy back ride.'
'I can’t do that.'
I am a warrior of the United States of America. I gave my lungs for my country. The toxins in the air from burn pits and toxic dust in Iraq has changed my life forever.”
Will Thompson Despite being denied benefits and facing immense personal challenges, Will became a staunch advocate for The PACT ACT, fighting for the rights and health of all veterans. Will and his family walked the halls of Congress alongside us for years. We miss our beloved friend.
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