Thank You For Your Service: A Burn Pit Story

Burn Pits 360 is excited to announce the crowdfunding campaign for the documentary that has followed our team over the last five years has gone live. To learn more about the film and to contribute please visit the Support Our Story page here. 

From the campaign:


"Thank You for Your Service: A Burn Pit Story" uncovers a little-known toxic exposure scandal affecting millions of veterans worldwide. Through shocking political exposé and gripping David vs. Goliath storytelling, we reveal the harrowing impact of burn pits, massive holes filled with hazardous waste and ignited by jet fuel, endangering military personnel and locals alike.



At the heart of the film is Rosie Torres, a determined protagonist seeking justice for her husband Captain Le Roy Torres, whose health deteriorated after burn pit exposure, leading to his termination as a Texas State Trooper. Rosie's relentless efforts form Burn Pits 360, a grassroots movement that gains momentum despite the Department of Veteran Affairs' denial of veterans' healthcare needs.

Learn how to support and contribute to the film here.