Exclusive Opportunity: Win a Private Zoom Call with Jon Stewart and Support Burn Pits 360



We are thrilled to present a truly unique and unforgettable opportunity: a private 15-minute Zoom call with the legendary Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart, renowned comedian, writer, and host of "The Daily Show," has captivated audiences for years with his sharp wit, insightful commentary, and unwavering commitment to social justice. He is a vocal advocate for veterans' rights and has devoted much of his time to activism, particularly concerning 9/11 first responders and military veterans. His involvement with Burn Pits 360 highlights his commitment to addressing the health issues faced by veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their service. Stewart's efforts have been instrumental in raising awareness and pushing for legislative changes, such as the Honoring Our PACT Act of 2022, to ensure veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve.


This is your chance to have a one-on-one conversation with Jon, where you can ask questions, hear stories, and gain personal insights from one of the most influential figures in modern media.

Not only will this experience be a highlight for any fan, but it also supports an incredibly important cause. All proceeds from this auction will go towards Burn Pits 360, an organization dedicated to supporting veterans affected by toxic burn pits. By bidding on this item, you're not only securing an extraordinary experience for yourself but also making a meaningful contribution to the health and well-being of our veterans.

So, let’s get those bids rolling! Who will have the honor of winning this incredible opportunity to connect with Jon Stewart?

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