The Burn Pits Registry

Why Register?

In 2013 Congress enacted Public Law 112-260, directing The Department of Veterans Affairs to establish and maintain the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry for service members who may have been exposed to toxic airborne chemicals and fumes generated by open-air burn pits.

According to the VA, research does not show evidence of long-term health problems from exposure to burn pits. The VA registry does not permit service members to submit updated health information or for a dependent to submit a death entry by proxy.

Burn Pits 360 established the registry in 2010 to monitor the health of service members and Veterans exposed to open-air burn pits. The Burn Pit 360 registry allows eligible Veterans and service members to document their exposures, report health concerns, submit updated health and death entries through an online questionnaire that allows us to track changes in physical and mental health over time, gaps in care, and denial of VA benefits.

What will the data be used for?

The registry is a comprehensive and confidential voluntary health survey that will allow us to better understand the health outcomes of our servicemen and women exposed to Airborne hazards and burn pits.

The data collected through the registry will allow us to collaborate with independent researchers and medical institutions to track and investigate illness, recovery, and deaths.